HOMETOWN: Seattle, Washington

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5' 10" 154LBS.

Signature Move: Head Scissor Takedown

FINSHING MOVE: Code Breaker, Double Underhook Suplex

NOTABLE FEUDS: Tank, Zero, Mad Man, Sleazy P

Title History:

2 Time Death Match Champion

1 Time Tag Team Champion

 Born under the sign of the sun, he was raised by those that were his family. He was taught in their ways, knowing only what they spoke of. Later, when he was allowed to stray from his nest, he learned that those ways were not all that there was. He had witnessed something that he would never forget. He had witnessed professional wrestling. This was something that he was never told about, and he grew to enjoy it. So he went on a journey. This journey was one that would end in him finding his true calling, for what he was taught seemed to not be the only way to live. He found many things that seemed to intrigue him, but when it came time to make a decision, nothing had impacted him like seeing people engaged in such a sport. When he finally came to the decision of wrestling being his true calling, he never let anything stop him. Yes, there were many detours and distractions; but nothing would stop him. Everything was a learning experience, and he still never strayed from what seemed to be his destined path. Now, he has his chance to prove himself, and he will not falter. He has worked too hard for this and nothing will stand in his way. Anyone or anything that tries will feel the effects of the most deadly poison on the face of the earth.

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